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People seldom look to their feet as a cause of back or spinal problems however Dr. Laurenti will do an examination of the feet in the initial spinal checkup.  The feet have a direct impact on a person’s health.  Just like the foundation of a house supports the structure, the feet support the body’s weight. Subtle changes in the foot over time can lead to greater changes in the joints above; namely knees, hips, pelvis and spine; causing greater health complications.  Surprisingly, neck pain and headaches can be due to improper foot mechanics!


​A lack of proper support, especially in the arch of the foot for example causes a collapse of this crucial area.  Strain is placed on the joints and soft tissues leading to further problems above.


Orthotics are insoles that are specifically made to uniquely fit each patient’s need and are available by prescription of Dr. Laurenti.

Being Fitted for Orthotics

Everyone has differing needs and therefore Dr. Laurenti will take a foam imprint of the soles of both feet, only after ensuring that the lower back and entire spine is properly aligned.  Plaster casts are made from these foam impressions and a set of orthotics is created.  Orthotics help to establish the normal alignment of the bones of the foot thereby allowing the joints above, including the spine, to normalize.


​Dr. Laurenti along with The Orthotic Group offers patients quality foot care and supportive footwear.

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