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We are what we EAT!  This expression is common and is an important reminder to continually be mindful of what foods we eat; their nutritional value and the available supplements that are helpful to maintain quality health.


The foods that you eat become your lung tissue, heart tissue, skin and in fact, your whole body.  Foods that lack essential energies create a body that lacks energy.  With that in mind, Dr. Laurenti incorporates into the health program a personalized and comprehensive health inventory as part of the initial visit.  Evaluation of your health helps to identify any secondary reasons for the experience of pain and illness.  If warranted, a diet survey can also assist a patient in becoming aware of their specific habits that may contribute to the condition.

Dr. Laurenti offers Adëeva supplements.  The company is lead by a chiropractic nutritionist, Dr. Jim Meschino, DC, ND.  You are welcome to follow the Adëeva link for short tutorials and further nutritional information.  You are sure to find highly informative and essential facts concerning your particular condition.

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